How to Attend


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A recorded version is available on the Proceedings page





You can attend this virtual conference by clicking the button above.

  1. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your digital ticket.
  2. Your ticket will have a button that says “Go to online event page.”
  3. When you click this button, you’ll see all the information needed to join the webinar on the day of the conference.
  4. We suggest bookmarking this page or save this information on your calendar so you can easily access the live webinar on Sept. 25.
  5. The conference will be hosted on Zoom. You do not need to buy a Zoom license to attend, but you will need to download the software. We suggest doing this ahead of time.

Please note, to ensure everyone is able to engage with the important work presented by, The Alterity of Affliction / Afflictions of Alterity will be hosting a recorded conference which will become available on the website. For this reason, attendees do not need to use their cameras, microphones, full/real names or any other identifying features if they wish to remain anonymous.